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Troubleshooting Guide

for the Fluidmaster 400A Refill Valve

Drawing of Fluidmaster 400A
Valve turns on and off by itself without toilet being flushed.
The toilet's tank ball or flapper (see illustration) is worn, dirty or misaligned with the flush valve seat, or the seat itself is so corroded the stopper will not seal properly. This creates a leak that lowers the tank's water level, causing the Valve to turn on. Clean tank ball and drain seat thoroughly. If leak persists, replace the worn tank ball or flapper with a Fluidmaster Bull's Eye Flapper Model 500, Bull's Eye Super Flapper Model 501 or a Flusher Fixer Kit replacement seat for damaged brass, plastic or ceramic flush valve drain seats.
The Valve's black vinyl refill tube extends too far down inside the overflow pipe. This creates a siphoning action into the overflow pipe, lowering the tank's water level and causing the Valve to turn on and refill tank. Make certain the black vinyl refill tube is attached to the top of the overflow pipe with the angle adapter (see illustration). If the angle adapter does not fit onto the overflow pipe. Fluidmaster offers a Special Refill Clamp Model 559.
The water level is set too high and reaches the top of the overflow pipe upon shut-off. This results in small amounts of water pouring into the overflow pipe, causing the valve to turn on to refill the tank. Reset to a lower level by using the water level adjustment clip (see illustration) located on the link of the valve. Squeeze the two ends of the metal clip together, then slide clip down the link.
Corroded overflow pipe assembly creates leaks that lower the tank's water level, causing the Valve to turn on. Replace the entire overflow pipe/flush valve assembly.
The Valve will not shut off, allowing water to fill the tank until it leaks over into the overflow pipe and down the drain.
Foreign debris is lodged under the valve's seal. Debris may consist of calcium deposits, minute pieces of corroded pipe, rocks, rubber, solder,etc. that are carried by the water stream to the seal area, where they become trapped. Some well systems without a filter constantly circulate debris. Shut off the water supply and remove the Valve cap (Model 400A: lift arm first) by rotating 1/8 turn counterclockwise. Cover the opening with an inverted cup, and turn water on and off a few times. This should flush and remove water line debris. Turn cap over and clean seal surface by rinsing under running water. Replace cap (400A: lift arm first) by rotating clockwise. Turn on wter. In the case of well water supplies, the best long-term solution is a filter.
400A valve will not turn on.
Cap on top of the Valve is not properly locked into place. Sut off water supply. Lift arm, then remove Valve cap by rotating 1/8 turn counterclockwise. Refit cap by lifting arm, replacing cap and rotating clockwise until locked.
Noisy refill cycle.
The angle adapter is pointing straight down the overflow pipe. Tilt the angle adapter (see illustration) so the refill water is hitting the inside wall of the overflow pipe.
Restricted water supply. Adjust shut-off valve counterclockwise to open up water flow.
Slow or no toilet tank fill.
Swollen seal. Shut off the water supply. Replace only the seal with a Fluidmaster Model 242 Replacement Seal available in most stores that carry Fluidmaster Valves.
Plugged Valve inlet or water supply line. Shut off water supply. Lift the rod arm and remove top cap assembly by turning 1/8 turn counterclockwise. Using a straightened coat hanger, carefully clean out the inlet passage of the Valve. If the problem still persists, you may need to replace your water supply line with Fluidmaster's flexible NO-BURST Braided Stainless Steel onnector, available at locl home improvement stores.
Model 400A Valve leaks a small amount of water from the top.
No problem. This is normal. When turning on, the Valves must vent a small amount of water for the valves to operate. .
Loud banging of pipes when Valve turns off. ("Water hammer").
Not enough air in the right places in the water lines. Shut off main water inlet valve to the house. Turn on all water outlet valves inside and outside the houise, then flush all toilets. Allow outlets to drain and pipes to fill with air. Then turn on main water inlet valve and fill and shut off inside and outside outlet valves. Remove toilet valve caps (400A: lift arm first) by rotating 1/8 turn counterclockwise. Hold a container over the uncapped valve and turn water supply on and off a few times to clear debris. Replace top by engaging lugs and rotating 1/8 turn clockwise.

The above chart is taken from FIX IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, a Troubleshooting Guide for Fluidmaster toilet tank repair parts, PLUS general toilet trouble tips.
© 1995 Fluidmaster, Inc.

For more troubleshooting tips for Fluidmaster products or to get help with a Fluidmaster product visit The Fluidmaster Fix It Zone To speak to a Fluidmaster Technical Advisor please call 800-631-2011 during business hours Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST, but before you call find out the names of the parts that you are having trouble with at Fluidmaster's Toiletpedia so you can more easily explain your problem.

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