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Troubleshooting a Flushmate

For a list of features of the Flushmate visit the
Sloan Valve web site

Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer-Tank System
Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer-Tank System
30075 Research Dr.
New Hudson, MI 48165

The Sloan Flushmate is used in the tanks of many brands of toilets. Such as the: American Standard Cadet; Crane Plumbing Economiser; Eljer AquaSaver; Gerber Ultra Flush; Kohler Pressure Lite; Mansfield Quantum; and the Universal-Rundle Corp. Powerflush.

WARNING: When servicing or replacing components to the FLUSHMATE Flushometer Tank System, make certain that the water supply is turned OFF and the toilet is then flushed to relieve pressure in the vessel. NEVER use lubricants on any of the components unless otherwise noted in instructions. NEVER use corrosive chemicals or household cleaners on FLUSHMATE products.

REMINDER: All pressure-assist toilets get their energy from the water supply line. It is important to have sufficient pressure at the supply. The minimum line pressure for the 1.6 gpf (6.0 Lpf) and the 1.28 gpf (4.8 Lpf) systems is 20 psi and 35 psi for 1.0 gpf (3.8 Lpf).

A one page quick guide to
Troubleshooting a Pressure-Assist Toilet
On the Sloan Valve Flushmate site you will find owner's manuals, installation instructions, replacement guides, and other documents for specific Flushmate models written in English, Spanish, Chinese and French, plus videos to help you in troubleshooting issues you may have with a Flushmate system.
CONDITION: Water runs on and will not shut off.

A newly installed toilet that does not shut off may have an inadequate or low water supply flow rate into the FLUSHMATE Vessel. (NOTE: The recommended static pressure range by code is 20 P.S.I. to 80 P.S.I.). Check the water supply pressure as follows:

a) Turn off the water supply and disconnect the line under the tank.

b) Place the end of the supply tube into a bucket.

c) Open the stop completely for 30 seconds. Measure the amount of water in the bucket (it should be more than a gallon). When sufficient supply pressure has been verified and the toilet continues to run, the following steps may be required:

Step 1
Make sure supply stop is fully open.
Step 2
Check the Supply Shank for any obstruction what would restrict the supply.
Step 3
Check the Actuator adjustment (see Installation Procedure).
Step 4
Check the Flush Valve Cartridge Assembly for proper installation. Proceed as follows: a) Turn off the water supply and flush the toilet. b) Remove the Flush Valve Cartridge Assembly using pliers' handles as shown in fig. 2. NOTE: You may be required to disconnect the trip lever to remove the Flush Valve Cartridge Assembly.
Step 5
Reinstall the Flush Valve Cartridge Assembly.
NOTE: First rotate the Cartridge Assembly counter-clockwise approx. 2 full turns (to avoid cross-threading), then screw into place (rotate clockwise) until Cartridge Assembly seats against the discaharge adapter at the bottom of the Tank. This normally occurs when 2 to 3 Flush Valve Cartridge threads are still showing at the top of the black Vesel; Do Not overtighten. Keep the Tank Cover off and turn on the water supply. Allow the Tank to refill ... total cycle should be 30 to 60 seconds.
Step 6
If the Tank continues to run-on, push down lightly on the Flush Valve Cartridge Stem. If the water stops running, it is an indication that the Flush Vavle Cartridge still needs further adjustment downward. If the water still continues to run-on after downward adjustment is made, then the Flush Valve Cartridge requires an upward adjustment.
NOTE: Adjust the Flush Valve Cartridge Assembly in quarter to half turn increments until the water stops running. Always turn the water supply off and restart the cycle after each adjustment to insure that proper adjustment has been made.
Step 7
If replacement of the Flush Valve Cartridge is necessary, follow the instructions in Step 5 above.
CONDITION: Weak or Sluggish Flush
Step 1
Check the water pressure (20psi - 80psi recommended). If OK, then check the Flush System by removing the Tank Cover and tripping the Actuator. While the unit is flushing, gently raise the Actuator. Water should flow freely and wash away any debris in the supply line and Vessel.
Step 2
Test the Air Inducer by tripping the Actuator. At the end of the flush cycle, when the Vessel starts to refill, count the number os seconds between the Actuator dropping and the reseating of the Air Inducer. Proper Air Refill requires a minimum of 3 seconds.

NOTE: It is normal for the Air Inducer to expel a few drops of water with each flush.

To Clean Air Inducer (Figures 3 & 4)

Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer-Tank System Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer-Tank System
a) Turn off the water supply and trip the Actuator. b) Unscrew the Air Inducer Cap and clean thoroughly removing any obstructions. Reassemble. c) Turn on water supply. Wait for the Vessel to refill (45 to 60 seconds).
Repeat "Step 2) - Test the Air Inducer" above. If the Air Inducer does not function properly, replace the Upper Supply Assembly.
Step 3
Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer-Tank System

To check the Flush Valve Cartridge for leaks, turn the water supply off and drain the Vessel by tripping the Actuator and holding it down until completely drained. Next, pour a cup of water onto the Cartridge Housing area as shown in Fig. 5. Turn on the Water supply. If a leakage is detected (a steady flow of bubbles from the center of the Cartridge Area) the Cartridge should be replaced.

Step 4
Turn the water off and relieve the Vessel pressure by flushing the Toilet. Remove the supply line located outside the Tank at the bottom left-hand side. Check for blockages inside the Supply Shank.
Step 5
Check the main Drain Vent. A stopped-up bowl, poor drain ventilation or a blocked main will create excessive back pressure, thereby creating a slow flush cycle. If the drain and drain vent are clear, and the flush has not been improved, replace the Lower Supply Assembly. Refer to Section: Replacement Procedure for Lower Supply (below).
Step 1
Check the water pressure (20 psi to 80 psi).
Step 2
Review all of Step 3 and 4 covered in "Weak or Sluggish Flush" Condition.
Step 3
Check for water in the System by pushing in on the Air Inducer Poppet. If water comes out, go to Step 4 (next). If no water comes out, then replace the Pressure Regulator Valve. Refer to Section: Replacement Procedure or Lower Supply.
Step 4
Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer-Tank System
Replace the Flush Valve Cartridge. NEVER use lubricant on the "O"-Ring (Arrow in figure 6)
CONDITION: Relief Valve Discharging
This is a sign that the Pressure Regulator Valve, located in the Lower Supply Group (figure 7), is not working properly and should be replaced. Follow the procedure outlined below:
Steps 1-8
Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer-Tank System
1. Turn the water supply OFF.

2. Flush the fixture to relieve pressure in the Vessel.

3. Disconnect the water supply from the Shank.

4. Unscrew the plastic locknut that holds the Shank to the bottom of the China Tank.

5. Carefully pull the entire Lower Supply up and out of the Tank.

NOTE: DO NOT FORCE or place a bending load on the Upper Supply.

6. Cut the Hose just above the Barbed Fitting on the Lower Supply. Discard old Lower Supply.

7. Insert new Lower Supply into Hose and secure with new Hose Clamp using pliers.

8. Carefully replace the entire Supply Group Assembly into the Tank and tighten plastic locknut.

(From the Flushmate Owner's Service Manual: 501-A Series

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