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Toiletology Review Toiletology review Toiletology review Toiletology review Toiletology review

Review from Victoria Advocate Online

30 January, 2004 ... You get the basics. You get the tool identification course. You get the how and the why and the wax rings and the flush valves and the HELP! HELP! HELP! for when you're up to your ankles in unpleasantness and don't have time to take a seat in virtual class.

Toiletology.com is everything a non-professional could dream of or fear knowing about providing loving care and first aid for one of the definitive fixtures of a quality lifestyle. Just bookmarking the site should qualify you for reduced home insurance. Be sure and check out the 2000+ words on how to really clean a toilet. (Note: Don't use a hamster.)

Visit Shari at net-dispatch.net, or send scrubbing bubbles to POB 5536, 77903.

Toiletology review

OCTOBER 28, 2002
BUSINESSWEEK LIFESTYLE ... Fridge on the Fritz? ... Log On for a Fix Google's latest find for me? Toiletology.com. Another specialized site, this one was put together by an instructor at the Montgomery County (Md.) Recreation Dept. who discovered that toilets were the biggest headache for the participants in her home-repair classes. So far, Toiletology.com has probably saved me hundreds of dollars. I installed a new flush valve in one toilet to stop an internal leak that was wasting water, and I replaced the wax seal on another toilet that was leaking water onto a linoleum floor. Sure, it's still not the way that I want to spend my weekends. But if I have to, thanks to the Internet, I now can manage those minor crises around the house. That doesn't mean, though, that I'm on call to friends who think of me every time one of their faucets develops a drip. By Larry Armstrong

Toiletology Review Household Care: For more-specialized assistance and advice, seek out Toiletology 101, a funny site with dozens of illustrated lessons on everything from toilet anatomy to septic tanks.

Toiletology Review ...
January 14, 2001, Los Angeles Times Home Edition, Section: Real Estate, Page: K-1

Virtual Realty -- "Do-It-Yourselfers, the Web Is Your Friend"


... Kay Keating knows all about leaky toilets. There's plenty of plumbing information at Keating's Web site at: http://www.toiletology.com/index.shtml. The Bethesda, Md.-based resident said she started teaching a plumbing clinic at her local water department after plumbing surfaced as a major issue in a home maintenance class she taught for the Montgomery County Department of Recreation.

"Every time we offered the class, 1,500 people would sign up," Keating said. "Toilets were definitely the major problem."

Keating took instruction materials from this class and posted them on her 4-year-old site. The site includes a course in "Toiletology 101," which dictates the "basics of indoor plumbing and toilet repairs" and includes a primer on how toilets work.

Toiletology Review

PC NOVICE Guide to the WEB, Vol.7 Issue 1, p.117. (a special publication of Smart Computing) ... Toiletology offers just about everything you would want to know about toilets and fixing them, and some stuff you dom't want to know. Explore Lesson Plans to cover topics such as plumbing tools, anatomy of a toilet, fixing a noisy toilet, and replacing a refill valve or wax sealing ring.

Los Angeles Times, 11 Jan 1998, Real Estate p. 1
Toiletology 101. That really is the name of this fun and useful Web site where you can study up on installing, maintaining and repairing toilets.

Oct. 1997, Today's Homeowner, p.91
Websites can easily become too broad and overwhelming. These sites are places to find complete information on narrow subjects. They're also lots of fun. Toiletology 101 includes everything you ever wanted to know about toilets, and then some. The site is presented as a course in installing, maintaining and repairing toilets. It also offers troubleshooting solutions for even the most minute problem. The simple graphics make this a very inviting site, but they don't slow it down. You can follow this site as a course or browse each article at your leisure.

Rated Excellent by IRED, the International Real Estate Digest. Attractive and informative web site. Uses the Web as a medium well, as opposed to treating a Web site like a print ad..Strong, useful information for someone seeking real estate help.

Toiletology Review For those who want to try do-it-yourself plumbing , an excellent site is Toiletology 101: A Free Course in Toilet Repairs. It opens with this pep talk: "Let's plunge in, flush out the facts, and plumb the depths of toilet repairs."
At our farmhouse in eastern Nova Scotia, we have an infuriating example of what Toiletology 101 calls the lazy flush toilet. After a typical visitation, one flush is never enough. While the website offers twelve possible explanations for its unsatisfactory performance, I believe the fault lies in our plumbers having installed one of those politically correct, low-flow toilets that are supposed to conserve water, but don't.

These feebly flushing fixtures have incensed so many million Americans that Michigan politician Joe Knollenberg in 1999 persuaded 80 of his fellow congressmen to sponsor a bill to repeal legislation that requires that new toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons in a single flush, rather than the five to seven gallons that swirl through older toilets. The second-worst drought in American history dampened enthusiasm for the repeal, but for a while there Knollenberg had a real movement underway.
- Harry Bruce is an editor with Issues Network -

June 1996 -- Feather River Canyon News

2 Aug 1996 -- NetSurfer Digest, Vol. 2, #24

7 July 1996 ~~ Houston Chronicle, Sunday, Section E, Page5.

October/November 1996 ~~ The Web Magazine, Home/Education "Hot 5", Page 75

"Yahoo! Internet Life" February 1997, -- Incredibly Useful Sites-- page 51.

Toiletology Review Tauton Press: Fine Homebuilding said....."Toiletology 101 -- reams of info on how they work, and, more importantly, why they sometimes don't. "

Toiletology Review USA Today Reviewed 13-15 June 1997: There's actually something called Toiletology 101.

Toiletology review Japan Times: The amazing thing about the virtual world of the Net is that it really does contain useful information for day-to-day living in the real world. This site, for instance, covers everything you'll ever need to know about fixing your toilet, from replacing a toilet seat to replacing a toilet tank. Now if only I could fit my computer monitor in my bathroom.

Rusty Pipes by Michael Anthony, a.k.a Mike the Plumber - 4 March 1997
How to be king of thrones: Talk about study-at-home! You can take a multi-part course in "Toiletology 101" at one of the most useful plumbing sites I've found on the Web. It's Toiletology.com. They call the course "toilet training," and if I had a rug-rat around, I'd take the little feller here, just to give him an overview. This is a great site; you can't go wrong here. With sites like this, I'm going to go out of business.

Toiletology Review Exploring the Web's useful utility rooms
by David Bates of the News-Register (Oregon), 4 Jul 1997
Look past the ridiculous video cameras pointed at moldy food, the conspiracy-laden newsgroups and the dense research sites that only a scholar could love, and you will eventually find sites on the World Wide Web that you can actually use.

The value of a web site, of course, depends on who's at the keyboard. You may have a very good reason, for example, to stick the Japanese Association for Semiotic Studies at the top of your bookmarks, but chances are you have a far greater stake in, say, knowing how to fix that broken toilet. Which is why you will sleep better tonight knowing that Toiletology 101 is out there in cyberspace. It may even save you a few bucks by keeping the plumber out of your walletspace.

Toiletology 101 - relax, it's a G-rated site - is just one more argument for the thesis that you can find anything on the Internet. The home page boasts that the site is "a complete course in toilet repairs," and a quick read of the menu suggests this may very well be the next best thing to having Time the Tool Man in your bathroom. The topics here range from the most basic - what to do in "emergencies" - to troubleshooting that pesky Fluidmaster 400A.

Happy flushing.....

Click if you're in a fix; Online sites can lend hand.
By Dan Keating/Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Miami Herald.
If you really want to plunge into a topic, visit Toiletology and take the Toiletology 101 detailed course. You've never known how much there is to learn about Thomas Crapper's wonderful invention.

ABOUT THIS AWARD: Each day, the BigNoseBird picks its way through the flotsam that the surf drops on the shores of the Web to seek out a tasty morsel. Weekly, the brightest pearl will be featured.

ABOUT THIS WEEKS WINNER: One of the more interesting challenges facing the webweaver is presenting what could be considered boring, yet useful information in a clever and humorous way. This weeks winning site, Toiletology 101: The Care & Repair of Toilets not only met this challenge, but went way beyond the call (Nature's call?) I learned of this site from my wife, Janene. Of course I am sure that it is mere coincidence that our toilets need work, and the sum of my plumbing knowledge would fill a thimble. Actually with my luck, I am sure the thimble would leak. So, thanks to Janene for the heads up on this site. (okay, I promise, no more toilet puns.)

Webmistress Kay Keating has a very nice style. Her pages offer a consistent look and feel and are pleasing to the eye. The graphics are fantastic and very informative. The site offers two primary methods of navigation: A tutorial and a subject listing. The tutorial is a relaxing journey through the site, and the subject listing can get you to where you need to be right away. The best part of the site is Kay's way of explaining things. She keeps the problem at hand very clear, and she conveys her message assuming that the reader has litle knowledge of the subject. Hey, if I understood it, it must be clear.

Please drop by this site if you have the time. Do be sure to bookmark it because you never know when you might need it. This is the kind of information that you just don't have time to search for during a bathroom crisis. Don't worry about me. I'm still safe. Thankfully I did not run network wire to the bathrooms, so I still have an excuse not to fix the toilets.

Web www.toiletology.com

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