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Watersaver Toilet Valve

Mansfield Plumbing Products
Perryville, Ohio

How to Remove & Install a Watersaver Flush Valve

1. Turn off water. Flush. Sponge remaining water from tank.

2. Disconnect refill valve supply line. Unscrew nuts holding tank to bowl. Remove tank. Remove old flush valve.

3. Install Watersaver, turning offset shank so nothing touches the tank walls. Do not use excess wrench pressure on shank nut. The shank nut is barely visible in this illustration. You will need a spud wrench to loosen this nut.

4. If necessary, replace the old trip lever (handle) and note that all trip levers have left hand threads. For the Watersaver valve slip the lever through the lever holder on the overflow pipe. Lever may be bent to assure free floating acton.

5. Remove old refill tube. Install a flexible refill tube. Insert end a maximum of 1/2 inch into top of the Watersaver stop.

6. Slip new tank-to-bowl gasket over shank nut. Reconnect tank to bowl. Do not over tighten bolts.

7. Connect supply line to refill valve, using new coupling nut washer if needed. Turn on water. Adjust water level on the refill valve so that the water level is 1" below top of Watersaver overflow tube.

For more details on removing and installing flush valves return to
"Fixing Flush Valves".

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