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ThereŽll be no smoking in class, but chewing gum is allowed. I suggest a short break midway through the class. If you get too fanny weary, take a walk but please bookmark this class and donŽt forget to come back; weŽll be waiting for you.

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The navigation bar at the top and bottom of the lessons link to the LESSON PLAN , INDEX and HELP. Don't forget that you can use your BROWSER BACK BUTTON to return to the previous lesson you were viewing. In addition, every page has a GOOGLE SEARCH BAR you can use to search the entire Toiletology 101 site. The GOOGLE SEARCH BAR is probably the best bet for searching Toiletology 101. You can also translate any page to 30+ different languages using the GOOGLE TRANSLATOR found at the bottom of each page just above the Google Search Bar.


Make sure you use your right hand vertical scroll bar to view the entire lesson page. Some of the lessons are several screens long. For example, use your right hand scroll bar to view the rest of this Intro just below this screen. Also, several lessons have more than one chapter; there are links to the continuing pages at the bottom of the lesson, i.e. How a Toilet Works has six chapters. All words that are highlighted and underlined are clickable links to other pages and more information.

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