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How a Flush Toilet Works

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Dual Flush Toilets

A concept that has gained a lot of enthusiasm is the toilet that gives a user a choice when flushing. Available in Europe and other countries outside of the U.S. for many years; they are mandatory in all new toilets in Israel. Dual-flush toilet technology allows the user to select a short flush (three litres) or long flush (six litres) depending on whether there are liquids or solids in the bowl. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), in partnership with 12 municipalities across Canada, conducted a pilot program to test dual-flush toilet technology in residential, commercial and institutional settings.

The CMHC conclusion after studying 70 toilets is that dual-flush toilets perform well in comparison to 6-litre and 13-litre toilets based on water consumption rates, saving an average of approximately 26 per cent more water than single-flush 6-litre toilets.

Kohler Dual Flush Technology

This video from Kohler explains their dual flush toilets. Kohler says their Dual Flush technology combines water conservation and flushing performance. A two-button actuator allows you to choose either a 1.6- or .8-gallon flush option. Skirted bowls offer a sleek, contemporary design aesthetic and an easy-to-clean surface.

There are many areas of performance that are important to users. Measuring plug resistance, bowl cleanliness and sound levels are just a few of the tests Kohler conducts to ensure that every toilet will perform, time and time again.

Caroma Dual Flush Toilets

Caroma Dual Flush Toilet
A visitor to Toiletology 101 wrote to ask, "Do you know about the Caroma toilet that is available in North America. It a great toilet from Down Under that has a flawless flush and will never clog with it has a full 4 inch trap. I have one and it is fantastic. It uses an average of 1 gallon per flush..." ... VAS from BC Canada.

The Caroma Dual Flush toilet is a good example of the innovations in toilet design. Invented and manufactured in Australia, the world's driest continent, this toilet uses a wash-down technic to push waste out of the bowl rather than the siphon-jet which pulls wastes from a bowl. The extra-large 4-inch trapway in the Caroma toilets contributes to the efficiency of the flush.

Caroma has a collection of videos that explain the Caroma Dual Flush toilets. They include installation, maintenance, and general information. To watch a short movie explaining how this toilet works click on the graphic and then click on the How-to link on the top menu bar; finally click on the last video that is listed under General Information: "Comparison of Caroma Flush Washdown Technology To Siphon Flush Technology."

Caroma toilets are available in the U.S. through plumbers and plumbing suppliers.

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