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History of the Flush Toilet

A more recent history on plumbing is, "Temples of Convenience and Chambers of Delight" by Lucinda Lambton. This is an informed, fascinating, and witty history of the original "watercloset"-- toilet, loo, commode, crapper, porcelain goddess--call it what you will. You'll get the lowdown from the time of the Romans through chamber pots to today's modern plumbing. It includes 150 color photos.

Hatfield Millennium Window

St. Lawrence Church, Millennium Window

Hatfield, October 29th, 2000 at 11.am: After much hardwork and fundraising Hatfield Millennium Window (costing over £40 000) was unveiled at a dedication service at St. Lawrence Church, Hatfield. This Major work of art was dedicated by Bishop David Lunn (former bishop of Sheffield). Local scenes. Marshland drained and used for agriculture, R.A.F. Lindholme, Mining, Thomas Crapper's flush lavatory, Old Travis School, Abraham de la Pryme (local historian, diarist and minister).

The window contains ideas suggested by the local community of events, persons, discoveries etc. of local, national and international significance relevant to our community from the past 1000 years. Those ideas received include Conquering of Everest, Space Exploration, Signing of the Magna Carta, War(s), local man THOMAS CRAPPER (famous plumber), his W.C. also appears on the window created by York stained glass artist Sep Waugh.

Sir Crapper regularly appears in person at the Science Museum in London where he explains the mysteries of the flush toilet to crowds of bemused visitors. But you don't have to visit London to meet Sir Crapper or view the museum's exhibit of cut-away toilets. You can see this exhibit at a site Miles Abernathy, the webmaster, has titled "A Man, A Plan and A Commode".

Rubbing of Crapper Brass Sewer Cover

This rubbing of a sewer manhole cover manufactured by T. Crapper was sent to me some years ago by friends who lived in London at the time. Two of these manhole covers are still in use in Westminster Abbey. To find them on your next visit to London, enter the Abbey, locate the brass rubbing area, continue along the passageway past the snax bar and take a right turn to exit the building. The two manholes are located inside the building,within about 30 feet of the building exit.

History of Manhole Covers

As of late, manhole cover design is no longer something to be treaded on lightly. Cities like Vancouver, Seattle, New York and Tokyo have decided to pursue commissioned designer covers, giving their cities more than just a curiousity. In competitions to find the best designs, these cities have their communities actively participating in waste awareness, while simultaneously promoting a brighter and livelier city.

New London Manhole Cover

Manhole Magic

Sewer Covers Double As Temporary Art In Downtown New London

George Clarke isn't defacing municipal property with paint, though. He utilizes colored sand — the sort found in certain Navajo or monk sand paintings — that he carefully distributes in a variety of patterns within the tiny and scalloped grid work atop the covers.

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