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Toiletology 101 Ads

Specialty Toilet Accessories

The following items will help to make life more comfortable, convenient and independant.

A Rotating Toilet

This Toilet Turns Side to Side
to Accommodate Every Need

Yoshiaki Masuno, Fujisawa-shi (JP) proves necessity is the
Mother of Invention.

Rotating toiletRotating toilet

Swing Up Toilet Grab Bars

coverToilet Grab Bar

Support rail folds up against wall when not in use. Leg increases strength and durability to lessen strain on the wall. Height of rail must be set before wall mounting unit. Height adjusts from 31" to 38 1/2" (7998 cm). Rail is 30" (76cm) long. Hardware not included. Recommend installation by a qualified professional. Available from  Sammons Preston Rolyan.

The Considerate Seat The Considerate Seat - an automatic toilet seat
The Considerate Seat

The Considerate Seat with HydraGlide automatically lowers the toilet seat - all this without compromising comfort or style. Winner of the Retailer's Choice Award at the 1999 Chicago National Hardware Show. Seen on Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America, ABC/NBC/FOX News and others. The Considerate Seat makes a great addition for everyone's family.

coverThe Toilevator

coverThe TOILEVATOR® Height Modification Kit has been designed to provide a dignified, stable, cost effective and easy to install alternative to unsightly, hard to clean, elevated toilet seats. Creates a safe, stable raised toilet for use by the whole family. Economical Non Obtrusive, Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy to Install, No Plumber Required, Promotes Safety, Provides Easier Cleaning, Designed by the world-renowned Center For Studies In Aging (member of the Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium). The TOILEVATOR® will add 3.5-inches of additional height to any standard 14 or 15 toilet. This easy-to-install, universally designed modification kit will fit a round or elongated Bowl. Complies with Building Code &amp;amp;amp; A.D.A. Requirements. Raised Toilet Seats (RTS) have been the norm for situations requiring elevated toileting until the introduction of the Toilevator. RTSs have had some drawbacks: They are generally unsightly and have robbed the dignity of those people forced to use them, especially when other family members or friends are involved in caregiving. RTSs are by nature not very stable and many a client has suffered a fall. The majority of RTSs require the removal of the regular toilet seat and consequently there is no lid. RTSs require constant cleaning due to the relatively small opening awarded through the necessity of design.

When life dictates the need for an elevated toilet seat and you want to keep your existing toilet, the Toilevator provides the best alternative. The Toilevator It is a spacer that is installed under the base of your toilet, adding 3.5 inches of additional height to any 14 or 15 inch toilet while still maintaining the appearance of your toilet. Detailed installation instructions are available.

coverElevated Hinged Toilet Seat

coverElevated Toilet Seat

This seat offers all the comfort and convenience of a regular elevated toilet seat but with a hinged benefit. The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat features a seat riser made of two parts which are hinged together, allowing the ring to be lifted in the same manner as your standard toilet seat. The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat is installed using a standard round bowl or elongated toilet seat and cover and does not appreciably change the appearance of the toilet. It elevates the seating position by 3¨ (7.6 cm) for easy sitting and rising.

coverRaised Toilet Seat with Armrests

coverRaised toilet seat with arm rests

Large seat and raise arms provide extra security The Rubbermaid Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat with Arms is a sturdy raised toilet seat that provides a comfortable grip and seat that's easy to install and is portable. The easy-to-use locking mechanism secures the raised seat to the toilet bowl. Comes with padded armrests. The smooth contour seat has built-in handgrips for easy handling and is lightweight and easy to clean.

Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat
Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat

For maximum lift, this adjustable raised toilet seat may be the answer. Anodized aluminum mounting brackets with exclusive locking system raises seat by 4(1/2) to 6(1/2). Wrench provided for making fitting adjustments. Shipped assembled. Recommended for use with Adjustable Toilet Safety Frame. Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

Toilet Seat Armrest Frame

Cosco Armrest Frame

Cosco's Toilet Safety Frame is constructed of sturdy, rust-proof and lightweight aluminum. The side rails features large textured grip surfaces. The width adjusts from 20" to 24" and the height adjusts to fit most installations. Non-marring leg tips with steel weight bearing plates protect your bathroom floor surface while providing stability to the frame. The frame bolts securely to the toilet bowl.

300 lb. weight rating
Large, textured grip surface
width adjusts from 20 to 24
height adjusts to fit most toilet sizes
frame bolts securely to the toilet bowl
Easy, 5 minute assembly

Sunrise Toilet Safety Frame

The Sunrise

The height and width of The Sunrise Toilet Safety Frame adjusts to fit most toilets. Great for larger individuals or those transferring from a wheelchair. The cantilevered arms provide better weight distribution and are covered with comfortable closed-cell gray foam for a nonslip grip.

Arm/Floor Height 26 degrees - 31 degrees
Width between arms: 18" - 24"
Arm depth: 16 1/4", Leg depth 12"
Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

Uplift Commode Assist

Benefits Uplift Commode Assist

Benefits Uplift Commode Assist is a self-powered, lifting commode chair that helps users gently seat and raise themselves. It provides safe, controlled support and lifts up to 80% of a user's weight. Versatile and sturdy, the Commode Assist can be used as a standalone or over a toilet. Helps keep people active and independent; Relieves stress and strain on joints; Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength. How to Use Step 1 Commode Assist eases you gently into a seated position and automatically locks in place. To stand, simply press down on the seat release lever. Step 2 Now, using both hands to support yourself, simply shift forward and begin to stand. Step 3 The lifting mechanism activates automatically and provides a gentle and stable lift from the commode. Specifications Model Number Weight Range CA 200 80-300 lb / 35-100+ kg Description Data Type Details Base Dimensions Depth 20.5"/52 cm Width 25.75"/65 cm Seat Dimensions Depth 16.5"/42 cm Width 16.5"/42 cm Seat Height Minimum 17"/42 cm Maximum 23"/58 cm Lift 10"/25 cm @20° degrees Weight 21 lb/9.5 kg

• Helps keep people active and independent.
• Relieves stress and strain on joints.
• Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength.
• Benefits those who have lost sufficient upper or lower body strength to get up unassisted.

Tall-Ette Contoured
Elevated Toilet Seats

Assists users in sitting down on and rising up from the toilet by raising the seat height by your choice of 2", 4", or 6". Includes a contoured surface for a more comfortable and supportive seat and a Lok-In-El® Slip-In Bracket that provides a fast, convenient and safe way to secure the seat to your toilet. Attaches to the toilet in seconds without knobs, clamps, screws or other devices. The bracket simply slides under the toilet seat hinge pin. Nothing needs to be re-tightened. For use with standard toilets but is also available for elongated toilets.

Heavy duty raised toilet seat

Extra Wide Tall-Ette® Elevated Toilet Seat with Legs.

Features contoured, soft foam armrests designed to assist the user in sitting down or rising from the seat. Legs are height-adjustable. Adds 4" (10cm) to bowl height. Total width 221/2" (57cm). Width between arms 19" (48cm), depth 151/4" (39cm), floor to seat 20" (51cm). Wt. capacity 350 lbs. (159kg).

Family Two-way Toilet Seat
Family 2-way toilet seat

Family Toilet Seat - The perfect seat for childen and adults! Ideal for: Children of varied ages Grandparents with visiting grandchildren Day care centers Facilities catering to clients of all ages Ingenious toilet seat features a middle - child's - seat with a smaller opening fitted between a standard adult seat and lid. When not being used, it can be flipped up into the recess of the lid. Center seat can be removed for easy cleaning or storing when not needed. Rubber bumpers under the bottom seat grip the toilet to secure the seats and eliminate "wobbling". Fits all standard toilets. Made of durable, flexible plastic.

The Washlet X500

The X500 is the ultimate luxury automatic cleansing toilet seat (Bidet). The Washlet X500 provides for hygienic cleansing of bottom rear parts much better than any toilet paper can. It is also essential for ensuring proper hygiene of the female anatomy. The X500 will provide the ultimate confidence in your cleanliness and personal satisfaction in the feeling of freshness. Elderly and partially mobile people will gain dignity and self-respect by being able to maintain the highest level of hygiene on their own.

EZ Warm Wash ComfortSeat Sitz Bath

Easy to install and use and highly versatile! The EZ Warm Wash Solution ComfortSeat® offers adjustable warm water washing, with a control unit that can be placed on either side of the toilet and aside to accomodate commode wheelchairs and a washing unit that installs under the existing toilet seat. This Solution is very popular among value-conscious consumers who still demand excellent clean and comfort. Compatible with practically EVERY toilet on the market, works with many risers and rails, it easily installs in just a few minutes and has easy-to-operate raised push-button controls with audible beeps. With a built in water pump and heater, temperature and spray pressure are completely adjustable to your liking.

The Big John Toilet Seat

Big John Toilet Seat

Big John Toilet Seat has a larger, more comfortable opening and a luxuriously contoured sitting surface that is roomier than any other toilet seat on the market. * Engineered tough for long lasting durability uses the highest-grade anti-microbial plastic that is both stain and chemical resistant. * Durable "Continuous Stainless Steel Hinges" that provides unbreakable strength where others fail. * "One size fits all". The Big John Toilet Seat has been uniquely engineered to perfectly fit either a Round or Elongated toilet bowl. * Stabilizing "Rubber Bumpers" that literally grip the porcelain and keep the seat from any un-wanted shifting. * Weight Capacity Rated over 1200 lbs. * Lifetime Guarantee Not To Break.

Toilet Grab Bar

A variation on the swing-up grab bar. This arm support folds up against wall and can be moved vertically with just one hand also locks vertically when not in use. Can be mounted to the wall or on an optional 40" floor support with 8" x 4" base. Constructed of steel with enamel coating. Folds vertically and locks into place when not in use. Toilet tissue dispenser also available. Mounting hardware is not included. Must be installed by a professional contractor. Weight capacity: 330 lbs. Meets ADA specifications 1 1/4" gripping surface. Also available from coverSammons Preston Rolyan.

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in providing hundreds of unique and helpful products
to make life more enjoyable
when daily living becomes a challenge:

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Big John Toilet Seat for Oversized BottomsBig John Toilet Seat for Oversized Bottoms Acrylic Decorative Toilet Seat Antique Pine Toilet Seat for the Whole FamilySelection of toilet seats for the whole family. Selection of Kohler Toilet Seats in All Colors 3-inch Raised Hinged Toilet Seat3-inch Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat
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