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~~ Feedback ~~

Pam Thank you so much for your Toiletology 101 web lesson. I finally got tired of hearing toilet water on a continual basis and realized that my husband’s plan of “ignore it and it will go away” plan was not working. After thorough review of your website and an overnight using the leak test on the website, I figured out that I needed to replace the flush valve gasket and the flush valve. I completed the repairs this afternoon and just reran the leak test, no colored water in the tank! Also, the annoying sound of constant running water is gone. Thanks for making the instructions on the website easy enough for an average gal like me to use!


David & Joanne / Upstate, New York HELLO: Quick FYI. We have a slow flush / low gallon style toilet. We fixed it a bit differently than outlined .. thought you might like to know how we had super excellent results with $1.29 plastic tube from local hardware store! Idea Light BulbMORE water IS the key, as you have outlined in your class.... SO .... I put a 3" long " piece of (1.25" O/D) PVC pipe over the (1" O/D) water overflow tube that sticks up from the tank to the top of the waterlevel. Now we can add another 2-3" of water into the tank by adjusting the Ball/Float. That extra 1/2 gallon of water does the trick! It took 5 minutes and little more than $1.00 to add the extra punch to flush nicely! It Really worked Beautifully! Pass it Along! Bests. NOTE: Make sure that the water level in the tank can not rise above the hole for the handle.

H.P. from Tampa, Florida We've had a "flush and hold" toilet for a couple of months. My husband pointed out that a visit from a plumber would likely cost us about $100, whereas holding the handle was free. Well, this morning the toilet kept running-and running... What to do? I googled "toilet repair" and there you were! It cost me all of $2.66 to buy a new flapper. Then I shortened up the chain, and the toilet's as good as new! Incidentally, I have never touched the inside of a toilet tank in my life before today; I was afraid to even look in there. Thank you! Thank you!

Joe ... I'm a handyman/contractor who was tearing his hair out searching for info on a discontinued tank needing replacement. The manufacturers' contact numbers you list saved my bacon! THANK YOU.

B.E. I've never had more fun learning on-line. Thank you for the abundance of information. I'm a proud graduate! I've been able to fix more toilets than I care to, but with each toilet I've fixed, I have sent the owners to this class. Again, thank you!

L.K. This is one of the VERY few websites done correctly and with care and forethought! Many kudos to your web "mistress" (the fact that you make that distinction is also telling of the quality). Thank you for creating a great reference for us do-it-yourselfers.

Cedarville, OH... This is incredible! My engineer son found this site and passed it along to me. I have been plumbing for 20+ years and have wondered why there wasn't a definitive study on the toilet, and VOILA here it is!!

Mara in Grosse Pointe, Michigan I have to tell you my story - I have had a rough day . . . I am a student who is editor of her paper, and came home at 9:30. I took my younger brother to get some food, as we are home alone this week, came home, and cleaned the house. I found, my toilet was running and clogged. I didn't know for a fact it was clogged . . . but water was not draining. My plunging wasn't working, and I knew that while I was sleeping my toilet was bound to overflow. So, I found your website. It told me the "proper" way to plunge, and, as I could see it was working, I plunged my heart out. Harder and harder, faster and faster . . . until . . . out came . . . A CUCUMBER! My brother thought it would be funny to put it there; he wanted to see what I would do! Anyway, you helped me out :) Thanks :)

Claxton, GA... A 21 flush salute to your most out-house-standing site ever. Thanks again.

Santo Domingo, DN, Dominican Republic... You are incredible. So much information, and free! Congratulations

Columbus, Ohio... You saved my life (or at least the life of my toilet) this a.m. Went straight to your emergency page for overflowing toilets, got the info I needed both on equipment and technique and had the problem fixed in no time. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

D.G., Tucson, AZ ;)... Thank you for making this page. It has been the most helpful in my attempt to reinstall my old toilet after having put in new tile in my bathroom. I was hoping to find the information in the web but couldn't have imagined this great web page. Thanks!!

K.L., Newton, IA... I've been plumbing for thirty six years and find these problems and answers interesting and informative. Thanks

Houston, TX... Thank you for making this site. I am a newly divorced mother of three, including a two year old who stuck a toy down the toilet. I had no idea how to get it out and replace the wax ring. Now I can truly say - who needs a man?

JLBA, NY, NY... A great site! Far better than the "how-to" books I've seen (and I've seen a lot).

A.H.W.... It's amazing what you stumble across on the Internet. There's a lot of junk out there, but then you come across something like your course on Toilet Repairs, and suddenly realize, what a wonderful piece of technology (toilets and the Internet)!

M.M. San Francisco, CA... It worked! It worked!! Of course....I DID feel like some sort of weirdo, as a friend dropped by in the middle of the process. And yes, I continued regardless: There I was, on the floor in front of my toilet, poking a bent paper clip into jet holes jammed with scale so hard, it was like going to a dentist after a lifetime diet of Coke and Almond Roca. He watched with queasy curiosity as I finished "flossing" my bowl...but I don't care! It worked!! That lazy flush is gone!! You're a genius!! Thanks for the bottom of my....heart. :)

D.D., Independence, MO... Your site was very good, and well done. I hard-copied it and put it in my plumbing box for the next leaky toilet. That is a higher compliment than hot listing it. Thank you for your efforts and results.

G.A., Boise, Idaho... Thanks, it was very informative. It was a "flushing" success!

P.K., Sterling, VA... An example of the internet's finest! A big help, money and headache saver. Thanks a million.

W.G.B, Canada... Solved my problem immediately.

A.S., Telford, PA... Great information. I am an instructor. I use your site to illustrate the vast range of information that is on the net. I will use the info the next time I get stuck repairing a toilet.

J.F., N.Y.... What a concept! I am a plumber with 25 yrs. experience and will reccommend this site to many of my customers. A visit here could save people a fair sum.

D.H.... A working knowledge of these pages should be a mandatory part of every marriage ceremony!!! Even Bill Gates could understand with the help of the closing cartoon.

From: Wally Gross (webmaster@technomax.com)... Hi Kay: An effort of Herculean proportions. Not only are we impressed; we are simply amazed. Who (not us) would ever believe that there is so much to know about that little throne where we all can be King or Queen (if only for a few minutes), the toilet. We are pleased to award your site with our "Best of The Net" designation.

J.R.... Kay, this is absolutely one of the best web sites I've seen in years!! excellent content, design, & use of graphics!

L.W., Lincoln City, Oregon... Love your website. Since I am single and a new home owner I need to learn more about how to fix things myself. When I have a problem with my toilet its good to know that there is Toiletology 101 to assist me. A site I will recommend to all my friends.Thank you for making this available and easy to use. Five Star rating here!!!


R.F.... Great site! Not what I expected to find on the net, but certainly one of the most useful sites I've visited so far. I'm about to tackle a major bathroom project, so I'm sure I'll be back here soon.

R.F.... Love Your Website. Today my toilet would not stop running and thanks to your lovely web site, I am on my way to repairing it. P.S. Do you have anything about lawn mower repair in the works?

G.B., Electronic Resources, Calgary Public Library... The staff are constantly looking for web sites which feature useful, accurate, current and reliable content of enduring interest to our customers. I am writing to let you know that we would like to include your web site's URL in our Link Library so our customers can find it quickly and easily. Thank you for your assistance in making quality information available on the Internet. You are making a superlative contribution to electronic publishing!

C.W., Canada... Yipee... Oh man, I can't believe I found a website that is actually improving the quality of my life. No more live sex shows from Amsterdam for me! Now I can finally learn how to fix our crapper! Yipee! Now, we just have to figure out how to get the computer into the bathroom....

B.F. Phoenixville, PA... AWESOME!

K.H.... Our toilet bowl got cracked as we tried to get the old toilet seat bolts out. I wish we'd seen Toiletology 101 before taking a hammer and chisel to the bolts. K.H.


Ton in Zoetermeer, Holland... gnif gnif gnif............... I loved it, searching the web for.......... nothing.......... and what did I find......... YOU !!!! Thanks for the pleasure.

Dennis... Thanks Kay. You saved my life today. I tried everything but could not dislodge the matchbox car until I found your site. Keep those toilets flushing.

G.L., Manila, Philippines... Hello there, your topic about toilet repairs is a wonderful piece of work, I am also in the plumbing business, we do a lot of toilet and lavatory work here. your input is very helpful to people like us.

C.H., Morganton, NC... For someone as dumb as I, Toiletology is complete, precise and to the point. One would really have to be dumb not to be able to easily complete all repairs as outlined.

Lifestyle.UK, Europe's most excellent directory! http://www.lifestyle.co.uk/ ... Congratulations, your site is a quality resource and will shortly be featured @ Lifestyle.UK. We apply stringent criteria to our listings and it is indeed in recognition of your good work.

Byron... I have seen heaven, and it is toiletology 101!

J.B., Northamption, England... This is a great web site - Plenty of detail, infact better than many plumbing books. I found it via the uk.d-i-y newsgroup. I think I'm gonna try and fix my lazy flush!

Steve... Thanks for the advise, now we're flushing and walking away rather than flushing and holding.

Fearless Homeowner... What a great service!!!! Just printed out your toiletology repair for a minor repair in my home. Even if it doesn't work, we had a great time searching, finding, and now, trying to follow your directions. Keep up the good work!!

Elaine in Singapore... I like the idea that you teach people how to repair their toilets. Thanks for the great homepage!

Ahojda Joska, Czech Republic... Hi Kayk, Bravo Illustrations. It`s gorgeous.

Bob the Plumber Napa CA.... Just read your information on toilet repair. Kudos on a well written and easy to understand do it yourself guide to potty training. Being in the plumbing service and repair field myself I will share your url with customers.

T.M., Panama City, FL... This is a great site on the net. It was exactly what I was looking for to gain information about repairing my faulty toilet. Thanks Toiletology 101.

Kevin, El Paso, TX... Your WEB page was just the information I was looking for. I just attempted to replace the refill valve on our 1.6 gallon toilet. I found that the valve when installed was too high for the toilet bowl and that the lid wouldn't fit properly. Is this because I didn't get the proper part or because I didn't adjust the shank before I installed it?

Bowling Green,KY... How very nice to finally find something really useful on the net!!! Thank you.

D.W.... I found your site through a reference in alt.home.repair under a discussion about 'best' toilets and thought someone was kidding! I consider myself to be a pretty good DYI'er, and I picked up a lot! I believe that this type of information represents some of the true power of the internet!

S.W., St. Louis, MO... This is what the WWW should be all about--helping us to help ourselves. Keep it on the web as long as there are flush toilets out there!

P.C., M.D., Los Angeles, CA... I just would like to commend you on your wonderful web site! My toilet had been making "leaky" noises for weeks. Being as stubborn as I am about hiring plumbers and repairmen, I decided to venture out on the net for information and discovered your web site. With your guidance, I was able to isolate the source of the leak and replace the faulty flapper, for a mere $4.00! Thank you again!

K.K., Dothan, AL... This is a great page for everyone. I have been working at a plumbing supply house for seven years, and I learned alot from reading your pages. Great job!!!!

Dana... I can't believe this info was available! I had a leaky wax ring and didn't know it 'til I found your site! Now I've replaced it myself and saved about $70. Keep up the good work.

Paris, France... I love your site and your humour, bravo from Paris.

Marjie... Great site Kay...this is the best site I've seen to date! I hope you're promoting this in women's magazines! As one who has struggled continuously with a snake and overflowing toilets...you ought to charge for this! Congratulations for a job well done!

Oakbrook Terrace, IL... Who'd have thought I could get so much info by searching under "toilet". I was beginning to feel wierd. Thanx for being there!

Augusta, GA... Great course, will be looking for the next one.

Maumelle, AR... This page is a god-send for my current question of the day. Great topic and and even greater example of a fantastic web site..

Wheeling, WV... Found this by accident...loved it! Added it to my favorite places...

Richmond Hill, Ontario... To tell you the truth, I came here expecting a laugh. Seems the laugh was on me. You've got some very interesting, and useful stuff here.

Treasure Island, FL... Great information, and nicely done, you must be a teacher. Can't wait for faucetology!

Mt. Pulaski, IL... Really well done, I used your directions and was able to successfully replace the wax ring. Many thanks!! I can't wait to see your instructions for faucet repair and replacement.

Twizel, New Zealand... Unfortunately it is not entirely applicable to the sorts of toilets used in New Zealand (across the Pacific from LA), but it was interesting and informative nonetheless.

Anchorage, Alaska... Just what we needed in this household. Was looking for something to inspire fixing our toilet. thanks a lot, this is a great help and a wonderful link. Looking for more...

Canada... Thank you for this very informative site. I really didn't expect to find the information I needed on the Web but I'm happy to have found your site. Now I'll try to solve my toilet problem !

Yonkers, NY... Wish I had this URL a while back. I know of several people whom will be happy to learn of this source. Well done!!!

NY, NY... This has to be one of the most worthwhile pages on the net!

Redmond, WA... Dear Kay, Marvellous! In fact, I've forwarded the page to a number of others I thought might benefit from the fabulous info you've condensed into this site.

David... Wow - so much to learn and so little time!!

Netsurfer Digest: Vol. 02, #24... Please, take your seats. Toiletology 101 is billed as "a complete course in toilet training, or everything you ever wanted to know about your toilets." There's not much potty humor here, except for the URL. It's all rather delicately presented. Tools, parts, what makes a toilet flush, etc. Simply siphonic!

Chesapeake, VA... Finally after years of computing and investing countless dollars into this inferno machine do I get something useful out of it.

Placerville, CA... I looked over your page on installing a ball cock and thought that it is wonderful after doing this for 15 years I don't think I would do it any other way.

Glen Gardner, NJ... This is one of the most useful spots I've found yet. I'm inspired.

Aylmer, Quebec... Hello. I am a mechanical contractor and do many service calls I love this stuff on the internet. I just signed up with a server and plan to use it as much as possible! I look forward to comming back.

Buffalo, NY... I just purchased a house and this is very beneficial! I hate working on toilets but this provided a fast and free informational tour. The link from www.homecentral.com (it was shown on Good Morning America today) got me here.

JetGet... I was amazed to see how much information was available at your web site.

Carleton, CA... I have read your "howtofix.shtml" and greatly admire the work you put in. The result is excellent!!

Beth & Ed... Congratulations. I think you've done the complete fix on the toilet. The tongue-in-cheek humor of the concept is fabulous.

YB... Thank you for an extraordinary site indeed. I forwarded it to my father, who has very good hands and finds much interest in all things to do with home improvement etc.

J.B.... Your Web page is just great. I have three daughters out on their own and they will get great use from Toiletoloty 101, as will I. Looking forward to Faucetoloty 101.

Vista, CA... I am working on the home page for our water district and would like to include your page as a link. Also - could I somehow borrow your "ouths.gif" and "working.gif" ?

Pltomaz... I am from Brazil and I loved "Toiletlogy 101". Thank you and congratulations.

Geniene... A good job done to you, My hubby is a Plumber here down under. It was very informative. and the artists do a great job.

Phoenix, AZ... Just "discovered" Toiletology 101 on the Web, thanks to one of my sharp-eyed netcruising officemates. It's the best, most concise presentation of the subject I've seen. I look forward to "Faucetology 101."

Joy... Hey thanks! I heard about your page thru Yahoo's Picks of the Week. As a single, disabled woman I really need this page. So many times I've panicked as to what to do when I have toilet problems. Always wanted to educate myself a little and now this is my opportunity. Bookmarked the pages and plan to print them out for future reference. Sincerely,

Bill in Chicago... What a great and informative page! Thanks! Peace.

RBH... May I commend you on an excellent, content-rich web-page.

San Diego, CA... Thank you tons for providing the helpful information! We used it to replace our refill valve.

Ben... Thanks for the fascinating toilet pages!

Smabe... Thanks for taking the time to create the course on toilets. It is extremely well written & informative.

City of Colonial Heights... Thank you for your help. I just started to use the internet and my wife ask (with a smirk) if the internet would help with all of the toilet repairs that needed attending to at our house. Not thinking we purchased a home with four baths and toilet repair has become my hobby, out of necessity. I ran a search on "toilet repair" just for fun and to my suprise, there you were. Good information coupled with good humor will make my task go more quickly. When I handed my wife the printed information and stated I was about to start reading it, she was amazed. Thank you very much!

DRM... I am the president of HomeExpo.com. We recently visited your site and were very impressed with the imformation and your presentation format. We are always on the lookout for well designed sites that might be of interest to our market base.

FRCN... Thanks- you have a great site that is going to be part of an article I am writing on home repair sites for my VERY small newspaper. I am also a teacher and was impressed by the logical layout of your site, and the excellent diagrams. Good work, guys!

Binghamton University... I am an engineering student at Binghamton University in upstate NY. I was assigned a multi-media project to be completed this semester and we chose the toilet to be our topic. I came across your page when searching under "toilet" and want to let you know that it was an incredible source of information for us. I want to compliment you on this page and say "keep up the good work!" We'll be sure to give you proper credit on our project. Thanks again.

JP... Hi kay,thought your article was great.we have different toilets in Australia,however the basic system seems to be the same.we are a small plumbing business in Rockhampton, Queensland, employing approx 20 people. We'll keep in touch.

Sparky... I like your site. I will share with my internet friends. After all these years ??? I just learned how the toilet works. THANKS :-).

WT, Western Wyoming College... Congratulations on a nice page. I teach composition at Western Wyoming Community College. One of the types of composition I assign my students is the process analysis paper. I have them all write analyzing the two step process of the toilet tank (not the bowl). Your page will be a good bet for them to obtain information that is not generally available elsewhere.

Vic... You have done a wonderful job with your pages.

Rockville, MD... I was directed by a mutual aquaintance to view your page, as a professional computer guru I give it a 10...

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