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Page Two ... The Rest of the Story

(Lori, Cleveland, OH) Thank you for your Blue Goo story! Who knew those little buggers could cause so much trouble! We were trying to avoid calling a plumber so after trying everything we could think of I got on line and your site was the first one I found. As soon as I saw the words Blue Goo I knew I’d hit the jackpot because I’d seen the goo firsthand while trying to fix the problem myself. Sure enough – it was clogging the flow of water into the bowl and causing a weak flush. After I cleaned underneath the rim really good the flush was back to normal. Even though I removed the blue disc the blue goo remains in the bottom of my tank but I imagine with every flush it will eventually disappear. If the same problem happens in the meantime I know what to do. Thanks for saving us money and time! I will be sure to revisit your site if any other problems occur.

(Denis, New Smyrna Beach, FL) Re-Blue GOO ... Thanks so much for the info. I was getting frustrated and called my brother a NYC plumber about the lazy flushing toilet. He said start by using an auger to clear any possible partial blockages then if that did not work to go to plan B which is to remove the bucket/muzzle inside the tank and that will increase the water flow. After buying an auger, spending an hour with no results I searched the net and luckily found your site. The toilet is flushing great now. I must note that the bathroom looks like a "Smurf's battleground." I am typing with blue hands and have another hour of cleanup ahead before the wife gets home. Thanks again, you saved me big bucks.

(G.C., Moncton NB, Canada) To Crane: You may recall my email to you of 12/4/04 in which I compained of a problem with a recently installed Crane 3493 Hymont Jr 16" Low Consumption Closet. You arranged for your representative covering the Moncton area to get in touch with me resulting in a suggestion I try another flapper (which I did and which made no difference).

I took it upon myself to do a little research on my own to determine why my new Crane elongated toilet was such a poor performer. In searching on the internet, I discovered a website which clearly identified the problem. I thought you'd be interested in such so you can assist your Crane toilet buyers with problems like mine.

Just go to - http://www.toiletology.com/blue-goo.shtml - to get educated on toilet problems as I experienced. After stopping the use of "blue drop-in tank tablets" I had been using for freshening-of-the-bowl purposes, and after cleaning the accumulated mess they left at the bottom of my tank and beyond where they had clogged the (already too small) rim holes at the back of my toilet bowl, after all of this and some twenty-plus clean water flushes, the toilet began (now) operates as it did when first bought/installed.

Again, I'd suggest you go to the "toiletology" website for full details on the "blue goo" matter. You'll see that it is a common problem and one that toilet manufacturers and installers should be aware of so they can better inform any unhappy with new toilet customers.

I'd appreciate your acknowledging receipt of this email so I'll be sure you received it. Thanks!

(D.H.) Boy, are we thankful that we found you! My husband thought that putting the Blue things in the toilet before we left for vacation would be a good idea. We were so wrong! Now they are big blobs and he is donning a rubber glove to remove them! No wonder we had problems flushing! THANK YOU!!!!!

(Kennebunk, Maine USA) THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The blue goo is evil stuff! Who knew?!

(John) I would never have thought blue goo would slow a toilet down like that. It almost cost me having my septic pumped. I'm the guy all my friends ask about house hold problems, now I can tell them not to use that junk. I"m going to be writing the company, how can they sell something as problematic as this.

(Frank, Santa Ana, CA) The BLUE GOO has struct once again. We have used these little blue tablets on and off for many years with no apparent problem. Recently our toilet has had very poor to no flushing action. With many years of using the little blue tablets I never thought it was the problem. I recently had a plumber to the house for another problem and on the side he looked at my toilet. After fiddling around for several minutes he said the toilet was worn out and needed to be replaced. He could get me a deal at $450 for a new toilet + labor; I said thanks but no thanks. Last night I was poking around the Internet looking for how toilets worked and for toilet problems. I found your site and read it through. This morning I cleaned out the BLUE GOO from my tank and now the toilet works like new. You may have just save our son his new Christmas bicycle. Thanks for your article.

(N.) While searching the internet to find solution to my toilet's slow drainage problem, I had accidentally wandered into the Blue Goo story - - and what a lucky break ! I did drop a large blue tablet in the tank a few weeks ago to keep the toilet clean and fresh, and started noticing the flushing problems almost immediately. But I never put two and two together - - after all I figured that the blue tablet is supposed to be water soluble. I even called the toilet tissue paper company to find out if they changed the composition of the paper since it keeps floating all the time. But, after reading the Blue Goo story, I removed whatever blue gooiy stuff was still in the toilet tank (it was messy), flushed it a few times until all the blue color was completely gone. And Presto ! Now the toilet has been flushing all the way each time without any failure ! I guess that the blue goo increases the viscosity of the water significantly enough to alter the hydrodynamical properties of the swirling water in the tank preventing it from forming deep vortex and preventing it from emptying the waste all the way. Thank you for alerting us to the blue tablet problem. You saved me a bundle in repair bills and continuing head aches.

(Kevin) I have never left a comment on a website, but yours was so helpful I want to make an exception. Two out of three of our toilets were flushing slowly and not clearing the bowl. Once in a while, the water would just spin around in the bowl and not flush at all. When the Roto-Rooter man told me tonight that my toilets were "old and tired", I questioned why both would stop working at the same time. He said it was because they were both installed on the same day (in 1964!). As he fiddled with the toilets, I found your site and realized it was the blue tablets I had added a month ago. I had added 1000 Flushes to one and another brand to the other, to see which was better. I removed the blue goo and they work like new! Is anyone out there interested in pursuing a lawsuit against these people? This cost me over $200 and a whole day.

(Marcus) Hi, Very informative website. I just wanted to mention that after buying "2000 Flushes" my toilet stopped flushing. The chemicals must have been too thick or something. So after removing what was left of the 'blue stuff', the toilet started flushing again. Maybe you can mention this on your website. Thanks

(New Fairfield, CT) Who'd a known a simple little thing like a blue tablet could create so much anguish. I add my thanks--this valuable site is worth a year's tuition at any school. I'm emailing all my friends and advising them to register for Toiletology 101. Thanks again.

(Hamden, CT USA) In short: the blue tablet is the Devil! I took it out, and after several hot-water-assisted flushes, problem solved....many (possibly 2000) thanks for saving us from the expense of a plumber! Now, if only I could stop flushing the toilet in wonder and awe....

(Georgia - USA) I am aware that this may not be published, but I felt I had to make this comment. I use a very good, germ killing, virus killing tablet in my toilets and have had no, NO problems. Since I am not able to clean and scrub the tolet every time it is used, I prefer to use the tablet. I never use the blue tablets. My toilets never slow because of this. What clogs them up is the waste that goes through them and get trapped just below the toilet. Of course, everyone has their opinions, but the facts should be stated in all cases, not just the facts you choose to print......and now! you want to sell special toilet paper....give me a break........cb
****This is the first email Toiletology 101 has received suggesting there is a toilet tank additive available for cleaning a toilet that does not create the Blue Goo problems. Regrettably, CB did not share the name of the product. And by the way, every email I've ever received regarding toilet tank additives has been posted on this page.

(Cincinnati, Ohio USA) Simply amazing. I plunged and plunged and even thought it might be a clogged stack but with no luck. I, like others, was about to buy a new toilet but just thought I would check the web for help. Up came your site and the Blue Goo Story. Sure enough I cleared away all the blue mess that has built up and now I have the flush I have been longing for. Thank You so much for building this site.

(Canton, MI USA) Out of desperation, I searched the internet to see if anything could be found on "slow flushing toilets". We have 3 bathrooms in our house and, slowly, one after another, each one started to have this problem. Since a tree had been cut down earlier in the year, we thought it was tree roots causing the problem. And, we thought it might also be mineral buildup, so the openings in the toilets were cleaned out, but the problem persisted. We were going to call Roto Rooter, when I went searching online for some advice. Thanks to your absolutely WONDERFUL site, I found the Blue Goo Story. Having just placed one of these things in each tank before Thanksgiving, I never dreamed that might be the cause of the problem, as it took about two months to appear after placing it in the tank. After clearing it out of all our toilets, I am thrilled to say we no longer have the problem. Thank you so VERY MUCH for your helpful site!!!!!!! And, yes, definitely, wear gloves as it was one big, messy, glob sitting in the corner of the tank.

(Morrisville, PA USA) The "blue goo" story was a lifesaver...anyone want to buy a new toilet...still in the box?

(Peter) Just wanted to thank you very much for the helpful tip about the BLUE GOO. Your suggestion worked like a charm. That blue stuff should be outlawed!

(Washington, DC) Thank you for the "Blue Goo Story". I found it under a search for "Slow Toilets" on altavista.com. Friends were visiting from out of town, and one came out of the bathroom apologizing that she had flushed, but it hadn't really cleared the bowl. I told her that the toilet had inexplicably begun to flush slowly over the last month after functioning normally over the last year. I claimed nothing had changed, that nothing untoward had been flushed, and that repeated plunging had not helped. Then I saw the "Blue Goo Story", and I realized that what had changed is that I had dropped in one of those soon to be infamous blue tablets. Um, just a friendly note to other plumbing novices; I fearlessly reached into the tank bare-handed to dredge the goo out, and of course it stained my hands (and everything else it touched) a brilliant blue. My hands and the porcelain came clean with a bleach-based cleaner, we'll see if it comes out of my T-shirt after I run the wash.

(Bear, DE) Thank you for saving me $400! I found your website after the plumber told me that I had iron deposits clogging up the holes underneath the rim and needed a replacement toilet. Using the tips in your website, I cleaned out the holes, removed the "blue goo" and now the toilet flushes first time every time! I doubted the simplicity of the repair, but now I'll look to you before spending money on the plumber. Thank you from the bottom of my pocketbook.

(Orlando, FL) Another amazed visitor. The Blue goo did it to me too!!! After cleaning out the blue goo from the tank, the toilet was its old self again. Thank you.

(Virginia Beach, VA) The blue goo story did it. We could not believe it. We plunged and snaked and then went on line, read the info on your site and still did not believe. But we took our chances; what else did we have to lose? We cleaned the tank out of the blue stuff and low and behold after about 10 flushes it works. Thanks very much. Keep up the good work.

(M.B. Benten City, WA) Great info on the lazy flush, i was real close to getting a new bowl, when i took the time to discover huge pieces of clorox toilet tablets lodged in the jet holes and the rim of the bowl. i have also discovered a great new resource for self toilet repair, thank you.

(Vallejo, CA) Add me to your list of folks who are thankful for the Blue Goo story. I don't have anything new to add.

(Burbank, CA) I had no idea that "blue-goo" was the culprit of our lazy flushing toilet. Prior to this discovery we had to keep the tank lid off so we could manually flush the toilet successively after use. Even then, "floaters" were still abound (LOL). I adjusted some of the "screw-thingies" on the ballcock(?) and after a few flush tests the toilet finally started to flush successfuly. I thought I had fixed the problem, but when I got home the lazy flush was back again. Thanks to this site I discovered that it was not my adjusting, but rather the consecutive flushes that purged the "blue-goo" that resulted in successful flushes. It's true, after 5-7 times of flushing the problem dissappears, but as soon as the tank fills up and the "blue-goo" is given time to dissolve, the lazy flush returns. Ultimately, I removed the "blue-goo" from the tank, and I have replaced the cover and flush without further ado! This is definitely one of the most helpful discoveries I have made through the internet! Thank you so much Toiletology 101.

(Ripon, CA) Hi Kay, I think that this is one of the best websites to come down the pike so far! I have learned alot about toilets since coming across your page. You are right about the Blue tablets causing toilets to start flushing poorly. My parents just bought an older house (1947) and they gave me the master room. Anyway, I had decided to put a blue tablet in my toilet to keep it smelling fresh, but it only caused me a week of grief with a lazy flush. And I have a 3.5 gallon toilet, so I wouldn't even want to imagine putting one in a 1.6er! This site is awesome!

(Austin, TX) I have to say that your page on the Blue Goo problem is one of the most helpful pages I have come across in recent memory. I was just about ready to call in a plumber, then I saw your page and started cleaning out the blue gunk (the tablets were long gone, having morphed into a dark blue sludge). It actually took a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle to get it all out of one of my tanks, but it was worth it. We are flushing like normal again -- thanks so much!!

(Kensington, NH) I wanted to send you a note and thank you so much for the Blue Goo story page. I came home to my parent's house a few weeks ago and was helping do some cleaning and placed a blue tablet into a toilet. Afew weeks later I returned to the house and the toilet was having a lazy flush. My parents thought that it was something that we had to call a plumber to fix or just live with the problem for awhile. I did some internet research and found your site and the blue goo story. After reading that I just cleaned out our toilet and it is working like new. Thank you so much! I will now refer to your site for anything toilet related!

(Biddeford, Maine) I read the whole thing. I thought I was the only one that knew of the "Blue Goo" phenominon. The only two things that I noticed missing are: never flush Qtips down a toilet. They will lay across the out let and then gather paper. And you probably didn't have room to mention the UR tilt valve and what to do with the overflo tube. Other than that, I think it is perfect. I've got the site bookmarked so I can show my customers. May you stay forever heathy wealthy and young.

(Barrington, RI) Your Website rescued me from an attack of "Blue Goo" (and saved me from considerable expense) THANKS!

(Sierra Vista) Thanks for the tip about the Blue Goo, I was going crazy trying to fix the lazy flush. Thanks

(North Arlington, NJ) Hello and thanks a million for the information on lazy toilets and the Blue Tablets. Here it is the holiday weekend, and I just made an appointment for the plumber to visit tomorrow. Guess how much that will cost! I tried everything (I thought) and couldn't get the toilet to flush. In fact, the blue water in the bowl just swirled around and seemed to be topped with a growing cloud of soap suds. After reading your info, I thought "why not"!. I started scraping and fishing the blue sludge out of the tank, and spooned the suds out of the bowl, and kept flushing until the water ran clear and it's FIXED! Unreal! Thanks so much - you saved me a bundle of $ !!!!

(Parker, CO) I can't believe it. The "Blue GOO" article hit me like a ton of bricks. With two slow running toilets I was looking for something in common. Plugged sewer line or vent stack. I would have never thought of the Blue tablet I put in both toilets. The plumber we called said the toilets were old and needed to be replaced. I can not thank you enough. I will now visit the site on a regular basis. Thank you again.

(Toronto, Ontario) I would really like to say thank you for the information on the blue brick. I had a slow flushing toilet. Snaked it 15 feet in the toilet and plunged it, nothing still slow. I used the bucket of water in the bowl and it flushed great. So it had to be in the tank somewhere. I then noticed the blue brick page. I removed it and now it flushes well once again. Thanks for all the information you have on your site.

(Charlotte, NC) After plunging for 1/2 an hour, I decided, before I went to the hardware store, to check the net. I came across this site through a search and started reading the Blu Goo section. I thought, what a load of crap (pun intended) as I read through the testimonials. I finished the section and thought, what the heck. why not try it? I have 3 toilets that don't flush all the way, what have I got to lose? All 3 flushed properly the first try after cleaning the blue junk out. Thank you for saving me money and time. As for you skeptics out there like me, this really works!!

(Cornwall, NY) Read about blue goo, removed the culprit and now the toilet flushes fine. Thanks for the info, you saved the day.


(Long Beach, NY) I am totally impressed and extremely grateful. Not a single person I've spoken to, including a plumber, knew about this. My tenants did not believe it was the problem and actually plunged the bowl for 30 minutes last night, urging me to call a plumber today! And, I almost gave in, since I'd previously scooped out a bunch of the junk and the water wasn't very blue any longer.

But, that small remaining amount, that wasn't dissolving was responsible. I am just totally blown away that you guys saved me probably over $150 and lots of grief on this one. Great site, keep up the great work - and, I'm writing a hell of a letter to the company that manufactures the product that my previous tenant loaded into the bowl to "keep it clean" - lazy tenants, and misleading corporate america. Damn. Thanks again.

(Orlando, Florida) THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I wish I had the words to express how much I appreciate this site!!! I was at wits end with my toilet, and felt that I had no choice but to replace the whole thing, only to learn that the Blue Goo was the cause all along!!! I just learned of your site 20 min. ago, read the Blue Goo page and cleaned it out. It works!!!! Who would of thought the solution was SO EASY!!! I just had to thank you for your help! It was driving me nuts!!! Thanks again!

(Front Royal, VA) My toilet was showing the same symptoms of a lazy toliet. It would not flush completely. I came to your site, took the blue tablets out and flushed it 5 times, and it's back to normal again. Thanks, great site.

(Falmouth, ME) I can't believe it. So simple a solution. Lots of water later, my toilet has finally purged the remained of the Blue Goo (after I got rid of as much as I could manually) and now things work like a champ.

(Green, OH) My wife noticed the coincidence of blue cleaner in the tank and the lazy flush (this is the second time) in our upstairs euphamism. I thought it worthy of research - She will be so glad to know that she is so right!

(Randallstown, MD) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! After several attempt to clear a lazy flush by replacing all the interior guts with no results, I wondered upon your site. In 15 minutes, I had the toilet flushing properly. I removed the blue goo and clean the scale from the water jet holes and the rest is history.


(Avondale Estates, GA) Oh my GOOdness!!!! You saved my sanity! Oh my GOOdness! You've saved my life, my sanity, and my wallet! I was a victim of The Blue Goo too - I've been plagued by a "suddenly slow" toilet or non-completely flushing bowl - I was going to blame the kids for shoving something down there. I was about to take it apart myself...and then I found your site. What a site for sore eyes!!! Hey, is it bad that my fingers are blue because I didn't use a glove??? Who cares, IT FLUSHES!!! 4 weeks of a "home toilet auger", swearing "if I found a piece of a Power Ranger you ALL...." Many thanks!

(Brooklyn) Thank you so much for putting your article Blue goo on the web. I did as you said and my toilet is back to normal. My fingers were blue for hours. It is amazing that something they sell for the toilet can destroy it.

(Costa Mesa, CA) Cannot thank you enough for your site and that particular story! Two weeks ago I put in the "Deluxe" version of the blue goo stuff and noticed my toilet not working properly, if you catch my drift! I tried the plunger (two types!), the auger, and was ready to spend this Sunday putting in a new toilet when I found the blue goo story! Well, I raced home at lunch, removed that stuff (and *what* a mess that was!) and flushed - not 5-7 but 25-27! - and eventually that toilet works as good as new! I'm in heaven!!! Well, it *does* take a little more than a properly working toilet for Heaven, but you get my drift!!! Thanks, ever so much!!!

(Tampa, FL) All I can say is thank you for providing this info. I spent hours trying to figure out why my toilet just quit flushing... then read your blue goo info and immediately fixed the problem. Jeez how can they get away with selling that stuff? Thanks again

(Howell, NJ) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We had a slow flush since the day after we placed the blue tablets in the tank and were anticipating having to spend hard earned dollars getting a plumber to fix our problem. I'm so grateful that I have such faith in the internet (and even more now, thanks to you) and pursued an answer by clicking in "toilet repairs" on keyword search. There I found your wonderful site, and now our toilet is once again our "friend!" Thanks for caring...we learned something so simple, yet so helpful and we will pass it on!

(Fort Collins, CO) We had just bought a new house and in an attempt to keep things nice and fresh I purchased the Blu Goo tablets thinking I was doing good ... then I thought I was taken in purchasing the house when the toilets would not flush consistently. This was bothering me so badly, I was up late one night resigned to calling a plumber to check out the problem when I found your website at 3:00 am ... I immediately took out the tablets and well ... it was sweet dreams for me because it worked!!! Thanks so much!

(Albuquerque, NM) Unbelieveable! The Blue Goo Story is a life saver. So simple and it really works. Took me 15 minutes to fix a toilet that has been a problem for years. Thank you RL who ever you are.

(Chicago, IL) Just wanted to let you know the Blue Goo got to me too. 2 of my bathrooms upstairs started to flush poorly at just about the same time. I knew that we had just cleaned them both preparing for the Christmas holidays. They are on back to back walls and I figured something must have been dropped into one of the toilets and then stuck in the drain that they both share. The weird thing was that sometimes they would flush just fine. They might flush 10 times in a row. Then they wouldn't. So I got the plunger out. Didn't work. I used a toilet snake but nothing was stuck. Went up to check the vent on the roof. Looked OK. Finally searched the internet and this was the only site that mentioned the Blue Goo. I then removed the Blue stuff from both toilets and am now flowing free. Nobody believes me when I tell them this. I can't believe it either. But that was the problem. Never again.

(Upper Marlboro, MD) So glad I found your site, replaced all the inside workings of my toilet and was about to give up when I found you. I removed the Blue Goo and continued to flush until the water ran totally clear and so far so good. This site is wonderful and will surely be bookmarked.

(Ft. Wright, KY) You totally helped me! Big Time! Thank you! You a absolutely helped me out with the blue goo problem. I didn't think it was true, but gave it a shot, it worked. Now I've bookmarked your site and I recommend it everyone!

(Boylston, Mass.) This is the best site! My downstairs toilet would not flush very well. I had a plumber come in and he cleaned out the drain holes in the bowl and said it was calcium and lime deposit. The toilet worked for about 2 weeks. No sooner then the upstairs toilet was doing the same thing, not enough pressure to flush completely. I used a liquid clog opener and even used a snake with no results. I was planning to call the plumber again today. I was not looking forward to the bill. I decided to go to keyword toilet and look what I found. As soon as I logged on I saw "Blue Goo" BINGO! I removed the blue tablets from both toilets, flushed 5 or 6 times and my toilets are working! Im surprised when my plumber came recently he did not notice this! Thank you so much for saving me a bundle. Now I know what those blue tablets will do! You made my day!

(Monroe, LA) Why would both of my toilets suddenly stop flushing completely at the same time? Now I know its the "Blue goo" my husband purchased and placed in the toilets. Thanks for the help!!!

(Anchorage, Alaska) I am so glad that I checked the net before calling a plumber. I fell victim to "blue goo" and thanks to your website, I no longer have a "lazy flush".

(Grand Rapids, MI) I had a blue goo thing in each toilet - all of a sudden my flushing action "@&#%@#" in both. I was certain that my septic tank was full so I spent $190.00 for a visit from the "honey-dipper". No results!!!! After visiting your web site, the blue things are gone and my flushing is back. Thank you!

(Los Gatos, CA) IT WORKED!!! Getting rid of the blue crap that my roommate stuck in there cured my toilet! I could flush a cat down that thing now!

(Yalaha, FL) I want to thank you for solving my BLUE GOO problem. I would have never believed it. The lazy flush had led me to the plunger, the snake, up on the roof with a hose, and finally a trip to Home Depot to select a replacement toilet with all the hardware. Then I read the next page of the lesson on Blue Goo. I thought it would be a sales pitch for blue stuff. Well, I cleaned it out and problem solved. Many Thanks!

(Mobile, AL) Hi, I had to let you know how happy I am. We did everything trying to fix our toilet. Nothing worked and then I read about the Blue Goo. Man, after a few mins of work and getting that goo out of my tank, my toilet works. Praise your website and also praise the Lord! My hubby was going to have a plumber come out and put in a new comode. I was determind to fix it and I found your site. I will never put Blue bricks in my toilet again. We were using a big bowl and filling it and that is how we were flushing the comode. We only did that for a day or so and then I found your site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

(Granview, MO) I have a few Blue stains on me, BUT my toilet now flushes!! Kudos to you!!

My husband and I spent a whole afternoon taking the toilet off to check for a toy or toothbrush that we figured one of our kids inadvertently "placed" in the toilet. After spending close to $20 in seals and bolts, we resorted to calling a plumber for a phone consultation. He suggested to try cleaning the flush passages and to ensure that the level in the bowl was adequately high. After spending another hour doing this to no avail, I figured I'd better try the internet. I wish I would have thought of this first-in order to save me a lot of time and a little bit of money. The Blue Goo was our culprit, and to think that I wasn't even going to read that section because I figured it would send me to some remote web site and I would never make it back to your excellent site! I was so amazed when our lazy toilet flushed so well IMMEDIATELY after taking out that goo! Thanks again for your excellent web site.
p.s. I will definitely let my plumber know about your web site!

(O.T.) Your advice re the blue goo was simply fantastic. My toilet now operates like new. I intend to go back to your first page and make a donation as requested. Thank you for your public service. Sincerely yours.

(Jim, San Antonio, TX) I was a victim of the Blue Goo. I cleaned out the mineral deposits in each bowl, put the blue tablet in, and all of a sudden both would not flush. The water just spun around and around. I bought a toilet snake, and that did not work. I was about to call in a professional, when I found your site. I removed the blue stuff, flushed several times until the water was clear, and it's simply amazing. My toilets are working like new! Thank God for you, and this site! You saved me some frustration, and money! I have you on my FAVORITES list. Thanks again!

(Bill, Coral Springs, FL) I spent hours trying to fix my toilet without success, and then in desperation I searched the web to find help. I came to your web site, read through it, and realized that I had the "blue goo" problem. In a few minutes I'd cleaned it out of my toilet, and the problem was solved! Thanks a million for your web site.

(Montreal, Canada) I was really desperate. The @£$%$ toilet would not flush ... I went through your site ... found the answer: those @£¢&? blue tablet ! A 1000 thanks.

(Austin, TX) I'm amazed at how easy it was for me to find the solution to my "lazy flush" problem. I was a victim to the "Blue Goo" effect. I've used them off and on for many years and then 'out of the blue' (okay, I couldn't help myself) the toilet stopped flushing completely. I was ready to call a professional and thought I'll try the internet. End of story

(Chalfont, PA) THANK YOU! I've been pulling my hair out for 4 months! I had the toilet off and checked the drain. In the process I had to replace the seal and the bolts and the hardware in the tank. Tonight I logged on to your site and scrolled down to the blue goo under the lazy toilet heading. I just went upstairs and pulled the goo dispenser hanger out of the tank and it worked right away. Thanks Again for the site!

(Dave, Huntington Beach, CA) We had a slow flushing toilet and read your section regarding the "blue-goo" problem. We didn't have the blue tablet in the toilet, but rather the "duck" shaped tablet. Once I removed the darn thing, the toilet flushed perfectly. I can't believe it could be that simple. Thank you very much for the info and keep up the great web site! ~Dave

(Derwood, MD) The blue tablet thing IS real. No doubt. I did not clear anything out of our toilet, except for that tablet, and a month-old problem, that had survived repeated plunging and snaking episodes, disappeared. It made more sense to me when I felt how sticky-gooey the thing was.

(Fullerton, CA) I never thought I'd be sending an email re: my toilet, but I got onto your website this morning, desperate for an answer to my "lazy flushing" toilets, and found the valuable information about those tablet toilet bowl cleaners and low flow toilets. I immediately called my wife and had her take those sticky things out. She called me about 2 hours later saying that it worked. We've spent money on augers, plumbers, and I too was ready to buy a new toilet(s) if we couldn't find an answer soon. Thanks so much for your valuable information.

(L.M. in La Mesa, CA) Thank you so very much for your advice on the Blue Goo situation and it's consequences. I came here searching for help on my uselessly flushing toilet and taking your advice just perked that lil sucker right up! I was so impressed I had to sit right down :) Y'all are cool.

(From D.K in CA) I plunged and augered the toilet; I replaced the flapper and added an additional piece of Styrofoam to help it stay open longer. My next alternative appeared to be Roto Rooter or a new toilet. I'm happy to say I have not had a problem since I completely removed the "blue thing" and all its residue. I read where others were having problems too until they removed it. I was skeptical, but it worked. Thanks for everything.

(East Northport, NY) I just wanted to thank you for saving me a bundle! I had a lazy flushing toilet, and tried everything--I bought a toilet auger, I tried chemicals, then I found your site. I read about the "blue stuff" and I too could not believe it--then I tried it. Man was it goopy, but the problem was solved. And I was just about to call a plumber! A million thank you's--I've told everyone I know about your site--it is exactly what the net is all about, and I am thankful for people like you who have taken the time to share such useful information.

(Stillwater, Oklahoma) Yes! I don't believe it. I took out that nasty, gelatinous mess and after flushing several times it is like a new toilet. Those things should be banned from the market! Who would ever have thought that such a seemingly harmless little tablet could turn into a big, blue blob that just sits there and messes up the flushing process. Thanks again. What a great web site!

(From Jim) I found your site AFTER I called a plumber for TWO toilets that were slow flushing. His analysis: they were cheap toilets (we live in a double-wide manufactured home, 8 years old), and the lower jet had become partially plugged with deposits. Sure enough, the flow from the jet was weak. But, I asked him, why both toilets at the same time? Same model and production run, he said. I am a retired automotive engineer, and that did not make sense. In short order, after reading your page on low-flow toilets, I removed the two gooey masses that the tablets had become. We are still flushing to clear them completely, but I am glad to report that your suggestion carried the day! BTW, the plumber offered to install two new toilets for $450! I like your solution much better! Thanks a million!

(Austin, Texas) Really terrific! Our toilet stopped working almost immediately after "installing" the "Blue Goo" and no amount of professional and amateur fixes worked until I read your site, removed the Blue Goo and the toilet is working as good as ever. Thanks!!!!

(Chicago, IL) I also had the lazy flush problem. I took your suggestion, but was unable to remove the blue tablet, as it was too badly dissolved (all that remained was a thick goo on in the bottom corner of the tank). I had to use a wet/dry Shop-Vac to suck all of the water and blue goo out of the the tank. Once emptied, I flushed twice, and the problem was solved. It worked like new! Your site is great; it saved me lots of time, effort and money. Thanks! R.C.

(Jacksonville, FL) THANK YOU! I thought we needed a brand new toilet. At the very least this site saved me from calling a plumber. I had a lazy toilet problem caused by the blue stuff and a bleach disk which got caught in the jets.

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