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Toilet Tissue Trivia

Why Paper Will Never Be Dead

A funny look at the reality of life.

"Snapshots US Toilet Paper 2010"

New Manufacturing market report from Snapdata International: "Snapshots US Toilet Paper 2010" is now available at Fast Market Research. This report provides 2009 year-end market size data, with 2010 estimates, 5 years of historical data and five-year forecasts. The Snapshots report gives an instant overview of the US toilet paper market and covers budget and premium toilet paper. Market value is based on retail sales. Market volume is based on total consumption. The data is available here.

toilet tissue

Toilet Tax

NORTH MERRICK, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A proposed tax on sewer usage by non-profits such as hospitals, colleges, and fire departments could bring in $38 million a year. But as CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reports, taxpayers worry they will now be stuck paying for it all. Critics call the sewer fee — a “toilet tax” in Nassau County. Next year’s budget — for the first time — calls for previously tax-exempt public school districts, library districts and fire districts to increase their budgets, raise taxes, and, they fear, pass along the financial burden to taxpayers. The proposed “water usage fee”– would charge one penny per gallon of water entering Nassau’s sewage system. For the rest of this story see: Toilet Tax

The White Cashmere Collection

Luxurious Tissue for Your Tush

The White Cashmere Collection is the world’s first and only BT (bathroom tissue) couture collection. Each one-of-a-kind designer piece is crafted in 100% pure, soft and luxurious Cashmere bathroom tissue! Cashmere® tissue is Canadian-made by Kruger Products L.P. at their mill in Crabtree, Quebec.

An eagerly-anticipated annual event, the collection evolved in 2008 to highlight Fashion with Compassion and the launch of new, limited-edition Pink Cashmere, Canada’s first coloured bathroom tissue in a decade. A fund- and awareness-raiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, twenty-five cents from the sale of each package goes directly to the Foundation.

The entire six years of the BT Coutour collection of designer fashions can be viewed here.

Wedding Dress Contest 2009.

The 2009 wedding dress contest runs from
APRIL 17th to June 5th.

Entries will be judged on Creativity, Originality, Beauty and use of Toilet Paper. PRIZES. One $1000 American Express Gift Card (USD) will be awarded as Grand Prize. 2nd prize will be a $500 Gift Card (USD). 3rd Prize will be a $250 Gift Card (USD).

The contest is sponsored by Ripley's Believe or Not and Cheap-Chic-Weddings . Don't forget to read all the contest rules before you submit your photos or videos.

History of Toilet Paper Dresses

2005 - 2009

How to catch a mouse with a toilet tissue tube.

Blogger Chris Glass details his simple,
inexpensive method for catching a mouse at lifehacker .

Short sheeted

"My suspicions were confirmed. I found further confirmation in the new Consumer Reports magazine that arrived Monday. Inside its back cover it has “goofs, glitches and gotchas.” Among them was a picture of the toilet paper we buy, Quilted Northern. The headline read, "Short sheeted". For the rest of this story see article by Phil Dirkx for The Tribune, San Luis Obispo, CA

Leave a Toilet Paper Trail

My first suggestion (from days of old) would be to always carry a wad of toilet paper with you when you hunt. Aside from its obvious use, a “toilet paper trail” is a great visual aid when tracking a deer when blood spots are scarce. What I did, and sometimes still do, was to mark each spot of blood with a sheet or two of toilet paper. I’d sometimes put the paper on the ground where the blood was, and always on a limb above that spot so I could look back (usually after dark with a flashlight) and determine the approximate direction the deer was heading. From HattiesburgAmerica.com

Making Every Day Earth Day

According to Lori Brown the idea of using virgin wood for throwaway paper products seems silly, but it happens nearly 99 percent of the time. Toilet paper made of 100 percent recycled paper fiber makes up less than 2 percent of the market in the U.S. For more details visit Earth911.com

by Lori Brown, Copyright ©2009 Earth911.com

Hands off our toilet paper.

Christian Bourge, senior editorial writer at The Washington Times, in a recent column writes he fears the environmentalists are too focused on American's posteriors. For four years the greenies were ruthless in their attacks on Kimberly-Clark Corp. until the firm agreed to make their product more environmentally responsible. For the rest of this battle see The Washington Times; 22 Oct 2009; Opinion Pg. A25

Cash-strapped Cuba says
toilet paper running short

By the end of the year Cuba should receive an important importation of toilet paper according to an official with state conglomerate Cimex. A serious shortage of raw materials, the economic crisis, 50 years of the economic blockade and recent destructive hurricanes are being blamed for a serious shortage of toilet paper in Cuba. It might be the end of the year before the island is flush with supplies. For the rest of this story see USA Today .

Crafts for Kids with Toilet Paper Rolls

Crafts for kids - Fall Wreath

Amazing what you can do with empty toilet paper rolls. DLTK's Crafts for Kids has dozens of projects from butterflies to Woodpeckers. These are fun cut and paste paper crafts using toilet paper rolls, printer, scissors, glue and paper. Toilet paper roll Woodpecker

Australia Battles Asia
over Toilet Paper

The price of imported toilet paper from Asia is almost 40 per cent below "normal"costs and hurting local manufacturers in Australia, according to the Canberra Times. In an ongoing battle between Australia and Asia, a year-long Australian Customs Service investigation found that imported toilet papers are unfairly damaging their local businesses because the prices at which they are being sold are below the costs of production - that is, dumping. Click here to flush out the rest of the story.

Did you know

All tissue is not created equal?

EPA Recycle Logo

According to Greenpeace, Americans could save more than 400,000 trees if each family bought a roll of recycled toilet paper—just once. Greenpeace has published a "Recycled Tissue and toilet paper Guide" that ranks toilet tissues as: recommended, can do better, and are to be avoided. The Tissue Guide evaluates toilet tissue, paper towels, paper napkins, and facial tissues.

Toilet Tissue Origami

In a humorous opinion article at the Hotel Online website, Larry Mundy wrote in his "Room With a View" column, perhaps partly with seriousness: "In my experience, there are two basic types of hotels: those that have the housekeeper fold a cute little triangle into the unused end of the toilet paper, and those that don’t. Call it silly, call it pointless, I call it a sure indicator of the service levels I can anticipate at the property." Mundy continued: "That tiny detail of carefully triangulated tissue tells me Toilet Tissue Origami that someone cared, that another member of my own species was here, in this very room, within the past few hours and spared no effort to make the end of the roll both presentable and easier to grip in my time of need. I don’t need to engage in frustrating roll-rotation exercises just to find the loose end. I don’t need to contemplate the jagged tear-line from the last user’s haste — in fact, it doesn’t occur to me there was a 'last user' at all, because the roll looks neat and new."

Do-It-Yourself Toilegami

Learn to make the Triangle Fold, the Diamond Fold (video), the Pleated Fold, the Pleated Tuck (video), and the Flourish at the Origami Resource Center.

Delight your guests with fancy folds & simple embellishments. The Toilet Paper Origami Book The Toilet Paper Origami Book will give you further help in bringing style and flare to your toilet tissue. Some designs are elegant in their simplicity and they can be accomplished in minutes. Although, others are of more complex designs and can take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The Toilet Paper Origami Book includes over 300 photographs.

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