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Bathroom Humor

This book consists of over 100 fairly recent selections from the syndicated humor column that Kornheiser writes for the Sunday Washington Post. Kornheiser's gift as a humorist, honed over long experience, is such that he can make a story out of nothing and out of everything like buying something from infomercial pitchman Ron Popeil, wishing Bob Dole would shut up, attending a guys only high school reunion, or smearing his head with Rogaine (his previous collection of columns was Bald As I Wanna Be). LAffaire Lewinsky and the Al Gore/George Bush election occupy a good portion of the book. Kornheiser keeps the reader in a more or less chucklesome mood most of the time, but even the best collections of newspaper columns lose something of their flavor and immediacy when put in book form, and this is no exception a lot of the material is old hat. Even so, the humorous invention provides considerable mirth, and the book, dipped into at judicious intervals, will help at a time when the national funny bone could stand some vigorous tickling.
Because You
Can't Take 100
into the Bathroom.
Compiled by Uncle John’s crack team of investigators, this witty and informative romp serves up a bounty of fascinating facts and tantalizing tidbits about the great game of golf. While it may not settle the question as to whether or not golf is a sport, the book does answer burning questions such as Where is the largest sand trap? (Clementon, NJ — a mere half acre); How much do Americans spend on golf balls? ($600 million per year); and Is there a course that offers the chance to play with a live Bengal tiger? (Yes! The Monu Valley Golf Club in Northern Bangladesh). Golf movies and presidential duffers — the good and the not-quite-so-good — are discussed, and captive audiences can learn the game’s history: its players, equipment, courses, famous flubs, and ever-changing fashions and philosophies. For serious pros, weekend duffers, or just plain fans of the game, this collection is as satisfying as a hole-in-one.
The Bathroom Trivia Almanac is a daily roll call of history and humor for the regular reader. In these tumultuous times, the bathroom has become a safe haven for peace - one good reason why restroom reading is on a roll. Proof of this privial pursuit comes from the findings of The Toilet Paper Report, which reveals that reading is the third most time-consuming activity behind that closed door, trailing only bathing and showering. And so it is that we at Red-Letter Press continue to add to the loo's literary cause with The Bathroom Trivia Almanac. The 365 day format makes it ideal for the regular reader- the quintessential almanac for the Quincy! Thoughts for the Throne includes over 200 explanations of the answers to the not-so-important questions in life. Chockful of fascinating trivia facts and anecdotes, this entertaining book deserves a place in every bathroom.
The perfect trip, where nothing goes wrong, is surely not the memorable trip, which is where everything goes wrong and one lives to tell the tale — and laugh about it. This collection captures the wackiest and most bizarre experiences of well-known writers whose travels have taken a detour. Stories include Nigel Barley escorting a monkey to the movies in Cameroon, Dave Barry vainly trying to learn more Japanese than how to order a beer, Alan Zweible high-tailing it to a nudist camp, Donna Marazzo bravely attempting to use a high-tech Italian toilet, and Richard Sterling feasting on deep-fried potato bugs in Burma. There are even practical tips here too; readers can surely learn from Mary Roach, who discovers that utilizing an Antarctic ice-sheet outhouse at the very moment a seal chooses to use its opening as a blowhole may not be the best way to start the day. The Toilet Papers: This book has a one word definition . . . WONDERFUL! The wit, and wisdom nuggets will keep you longing to go to the bathroom to read it.
Author Patty Ann Werschin brings comedy to everyday situations in her book, 'Of Married Life and Toilet Paper.' From the over vs. under toilet paper test to the mystery of lost socks, Patty keeps you laughing page after page. The real stories behind famous people and events from ancient to modern times. Anecdotal, thought provoking and organized by topic. Chapters will include: You Said You Knew How to Fire That Thing: Misadventures and Wrong Turns that Challenged History; the 10 Most Important Forgotten People in History; Slips of the Tongue: Simple Mistakes that Led to Great Discoveries and Awful Disasters.
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