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Should You Consider
a Career in Plumbing?

Plumbers are extremely important people in society. It's a fact of life that wherever people settle, they will always need plumbers. Good plumbing is not only vital to public health (plumbers deal with clean drinking water, sanitation, heating systems etc), but is also an integral part of modern day life - how many of us could do without the luxury of a hot bath or central heating? Without the competent plumber disease would be rife, sanitation non-existent, clean, fresh drinking water from a tap only a dream and central heating would consist of a coal or log fire!

It takes years of training to become qualified; a career in plumbing calls for a dedication to lifelong learning, as the rate of technological advancement is rapid. An understanding of maths and science is vital, and those on the tools need a head for heights, the ability to work in cramped conditions and the stamina to complete physically hard work day after day. The plumbing industry holds diverse career paths, good wages and the opportunity for individuals to run their own business. Many plumbers progress to design, consultancy, teaching and management, making the plumbing and heating industry a career with a future. MORE

Can I Turn HVACR
and Plumbing into a Career.

Press Release from Association for Career and Technical Education

ALEXANDRIA, VA ... The average human breathes in 16,000 quarts of air each day, so it should come as no surprise that technicians who work to improve indoor air quality are in high demand. Occupants of virtually every building across the country benefit from the skills of these “equipment doctors” who install and service heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration (HVACR) and plumbing projects.

The state-of-the-art systems installed in buildings today not only maintain air conditioning, heat, and humidity control, water supply and sewage, they also minimize internal and external air pollutants from entering the building’s air space and can monitor carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. MORE

Pursue a Career in Pipe Systems

by Aileen Cho

Today's pipe-systems workers still come to the rescue when you have a clogged toilet or leaky pipe, but the profession has evolved to include technicians with high tech tools who take pride in being environmental and public-safety guardians.

Plumbing jobs aren't as dirty as you might think, industry veterans point out, and they'll never be outsourced. In fact, if you're up for the challenge, opportunities abound. "We're struggling with plumbing not being very sexy," says Paul Abrams, a spokesman for Roto-Rooter Inc. "There aren't enough plumbers to do all the work we get calls for. It's problematic now; in five years, it could be a crisis." THE REST OF THE STORY

Plumbing Opportunities in

Today's Military Logo

The military has the need for hundreds of plumbers and pipe fitters. Each year, the services need new plumbers and pipe fitters due to changes in personnel and the demands of the field. After job training, plumbers and pipe fitters work under close supervision. With experience, they work more independently and may supervise others. Eventually, they may advance to become managers of utilities departments, construction units, or missile maintenance units. LEARN MORE ...

What Can a Plumber Earn?

The average yearly salary for plumbers in 2007 was $47,350, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Keep in mind that apprentices start work at half the salary earned by experienced workers. You can expect to receive raises throughout your training though, often every six months. Most plumbers belong to the UA (United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing, Pipefitting, Sprinkler Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada). Union members generally earn more than nonunion workers. . MORE

Plumbing Courses in the UK

Avand Ltd. in the UK just outside of London offers Plumbing Courses for people who are seeking a career change. Their Plumbing Training covers the City & Guilds 6129 Level 2 and also the NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Course 6089. They also offer NVQ Level 3 and Part P Electrical Training for those who are already working as Plumbers. The Plumbing Qualifications offered are all accredited by City & Guilds (registration number 731206).

Plumbing Program
Home Study Course

Plumbers make sure water runs clean and at the right temperature. Toilets flush and pipes stay secure with plumbers' help. And when pipes burst, freeze, or leak, a plumber can fix it! Learn career-level skills from bathroom rough-ins to kitchen remodels to sprinklers. Excellent preparation for a career in commercial contracting, residential and commercial maintenance and service, and plumbing supply sales and service.

Home Business Idea:
Be a Toilet Repair Professional

Many years ago Herrick Kimball (writer and blogger) of Moravia, New York had a job working for a local remodeling contractor, he had an idea of fixing toilets as a part-time business, and actually carried through with it. He placed an ad in the local Pennysaver newspaper. When the ad came out, his phone started to ring. He got far more calls than he ever expected. It so happened that a lot of people in his area had toilet problems. He was off and running, fixing toilets after work and on Saturdays. Fixing toilets is one of several essays that Mr. Kimball has written that offers insight into the wisdom of starting a part-time, home-based, small business of your own.


Job opportunities for skilled plumbers are likely to be excellent, because growth in demand for these workers has been exceeding the supply of new entrants for some time. The occupation can be strenuous, and many young people with the talent to do this are being drawn away into other more glamorous fields. Despite its physical demands, however, this job offers more opportunity for independence and advancement to profitable self-employment than you can find in most careers.

All construction occupations have slow growth when the economy does poorly and people don't build many new buildings, and this can affect plumbers as well. But plumbers have less trouble in bad times than many other construction workers, since maintenance, repair, and replacement of existing plumbing is such an important part of the job. MORE

The early American engineers didn't, for the most part, start off designing sewerage works; they happened upon the work by either chance or opportunity, or were contacted by the cities/agencies who needed help to resolve sewage problems. The following were considered by many (particularly in hindsight) to be the pioneers of the sewerage design/construction field in the United States: ... MORE

More plumbing courses:

With No Previous Experience You Can Re-Train And Enter The Plumbing Industry. Receive Your Free Information Report About Training To Become A Plumber in the UK.

Universities, Colleges & Trade Schools

A leading online education portal, helps you acquire information from education institutions across the US and Canada.

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